Dawn Morelli, LCSW




How can therapy help me?

There are many benefits to participating in therapy. Many times it's helpful to get a different perspective and have a therapist help you understand yourself and situations on a deeper level. Thus through therapy one can gain greater insight. Counseling can be extremely valuable in attaining personal growth, improving relationships, and facing the many challenges in daily life.


What happens during therapy?

Therapy is individually tailored for you depending on your specific needs. The first session will be used to gather information and set goals.  Thereafter, we will work on the issues and goals established. Many times this includes increasing self-awareness and learning different tools to apply to your life to attain the outcomes you seek.  






Over the past 18 years, I have specialized in working with Executives. General issues and therapy apply, however, I have found some common patterns/issues that frequently occur in Executives. For this reason, having a therapist with experience in the specific areas can facilitate viewing and help to a greater and more efficient and effective level.


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